When Employment Discrimination Hits Pre-Settlement Legal Funding Can Help Fight Back!

Your employment discrimination lawsuit may be one of the most frustrating situations you've ever dealt with. Whether you were fired from your job because of discrimination or you didn't even get a chance because of discrimination, the chances are you're suffering financially. We have a solution, and that is pre-settlement legal funding. Simply put, that's money from your lawsuit before your lawsuit settles.

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Employment discrimination can be based on age, gender, race, or disability. As you well know, it is illegal and ugly. Unfortunately, even in today's “enlightened” workplace it still occurs. And now you're the one suffering. The truth is, not only can discrimination hurt financially, but also emotionally. They have taken away an opportunity to earn a living.

Fast Cash Legal Can Help!

We've helped many clients in situations just like you. And we may be able to help you too. In fact, most legal funding companies don't even want to talk to people fighting employment discrimination lawsuit, but Fast Cash Legal realizes that “personal injury” goes beyond physical suffering. That is why we will review discrimination cases, and provide pre-settlement legal funding when we can.

A legal funding basically provides you with the cash you need to pay bills and keep your financial footing while your legal claim is pending. That cash is coming from your future award – a cash advance. We know what you may be thinking… what if I don't win? How then can I pay it back? That is our risk, not yours. A legal funding transaction is “non-recourse,” which means that if you don't win your case, you do not pay us back. It's that simple.

There Is No Risk

Sound too good to be true? We understand that reaction. But that is the truth. IF you lose you don't pay it back. There is also no cost to apply. So, what are you waiting for? There is NO RISK!

Call (844) 213-1116 now! Right now. We can take your application over the phone, and if you qualify we can get you the cash in 24 hours. Or, you can start your application right on the page (at the bottom).

Employment Discrimination has cost you plenty. Here at Fast Cash, we're here to help off-set those costs with Pre-settlement legal funding.