Common Questions About Pre-Settlement Legal Funding

What cases are eligible for lawsuit funding?
We fund many different types of cases. If you are represented by an attorney and have been injured as a result of a negligent party you may be eligible. From car accidents and dog bites to wrongful termination and work related injuries, we'll review your case fast to see if we can get you the cash you need.
Do I need good credit?
No, we do not perform any credit checks. The approval process is dependent on the strength of your case.
Do I need a job?
No, your employment does not affect the outcome of our decision. Again, the strength of your case determines eligibility.
Is lawsuit funding a loan?
No, this is NOT a loan. Lawsuit funding is an investment on the future outcome of a lawsuit. With a traditional loan, you are responsible for repayment no matter what. Legal funding is considered nonā€recourse funding. This means that if you lose your case you owe us absolutely nothing. Legal funding allows you to concentrate on your case and recovery without having to deal with the financial burden or stress waiting for your case to settle to receive payment.
What upfront fees do I have to pay?
Nothing! When your case settles, your attorney will pay us once your settlement payment has been received.
Is lawsuit funding expensive?
It can be. Legal funding companies charge either an interest rate, or what's known as a multiplier. Also, many companies also charge additional fees in addition to their base rate. Make sure you're aware of all the costs before you sign any agreements.
How can I use the money I receive?
The funds you receive are your own personal money that you can use however you like.
What happens to my money if I lose my case?
If you lose your case, you owe us nothing! Plain and Simple!
Can I get funding for workers compensation cases?
We can fund workers compensation against a third party in many states. For traditional lawsuit funding on strictly workers compensation claims please take a look at our list for reference or call us toll-free at (844) 213-1116 to get more info.
Can I get funding from multiple funding companies?
If you've never had a legal funding then only one company can provide you with a first advance. However, depending on the circumstances of your individual case you may qualify for additional funding. In which case you can go back the company that provided your first funding or look for a different company. As your case progresses and the value changes we can help.
Is my information private?
Yes! All the information that is given to us about your case is kept completely private. We use the information for the sole purpose of evaluating your case for lawsuit funding. Information will only be disclosed if directed by you, your attorney, a court order, or subpoena.
How much can you fund me?
If your case qualifies, we will fund you anywhere from $500 to $100,000+ per individual, or 10% to 20% of the expected value of your case. The details and strength of your case will determine how much you can qualify for.
What if I need more money later?
As long as the additional advances do not exceed the value of your case, you are more than welcome to come back and request additional funding.
Are you involved in my case?
NO! As your funding company we are not involved in your legal case at all. Everything is between you and your attorney.
Can I get legal advice from Fast Cash?
NO! We do not provide any legal advice because we are not attorneys. In order to qualify for lawsuit funding you must have an attorney. We encourage you to talk to your attorney about your interest in funding as well as about any questions regarding your case.
Can I use lawsuit funding for treatment or surgery?
Yes! If your doctor has recommended you for additional treatment or surgery but your insurance has been exhausted, we can help. Fast Cash will review your case and, if you qualify, pay medical providers directly so you receive the treatment you need now.