Fast Cash Legal - the Better Legal Funding Company for Attorneys and Law Firms

Yes, there are dozens of legal funding companies… one could say that legal funding companies are a "dime a dozen" to coin a phrase. O.k., that was bad, we'll admit it. However, the truth is there really isn't much new when it comes to legal funding companies. All of them make the same claims, maybe with a slight variation:

  • We're easy to work with,
  • We're paperless,
  • We have the lowest rates, can sound like a broken record.

So, what set's Fast Cash Legal apart from other legal funding companies… why should you work with us?

Well, let us ask you this… how well do the funding companies you work with now follow up and follow through on their promises… do they care about your clients, and do they respect you and your time??

We do.

  1. We will go above and beyond to try to get your client the money they need… if we can't fund their case, we will look for another funding company that can.
  2. We will accommodate your schedule – to respect your time and your practice because that is where your focus needs to be (not in spending a lot of time dealing with a legal funding company).
  3. We can also offer you custom pricing based on how much business we do with your firm.
  4. We don't nickle-and-dime your client's with added fees. No application fees. No underwriting fees. No servicing fees. No “archive” fees (what is that anyway?). No cash disbursement fees. No fees – period.

In short, we understand that without you, there is no us... so we want to make sure you're taken care of as much as your client.

Oh sure, anyone can claim they're different. So Call Us! (844) 213-1116

We'd love the opportunity to Show You how we're different.