Pre-Settlement Legal Funding For Car Accidents

A pre-settlement legal funding may be the solution if you're struggling to pay the bills because of the injuries you have suffered from a car accident that wasn't your fault. And, Fast Cash Legal can get you the cash in 24 hours upon approval! Call us to find out more – (844) 213-1116.

Car accidents will likely happen to many of us over our lifetime. Most are fender-benders – no big deal. However, the more serious ones can cause serious injuries, and when you're the victim you deserve compensation. So you hire an attorney, but you didn't realize that it can take many months for your legal claim to settle or get resolved in court. What then? If you're out of work because of those injuries, how do you keep up? The bills still need to be paid; car payments, rent, gas, utilities, food, and the list goes on. The good news is, there is help when you need it.

They're called legal fundings, also known as lawsuit loans. Basically, it is a cash advance on the future settlement from your lawsuit… a legal funding isn't a windfall of cash, but a portion (usually 10% to 20%) of the expected case value. That is cash that you can use today. And as mentioned if your application is approved, Fast Cash Legal can get the cash to you in about 24 hours!

Ah, but the big question is, what if you lose your case, how are you supposed to pay back the cash advance? The better news is, if you do lose your case you don't pay it back. That's because the legal funding is a non-recourse transaction, which is a fancy term for not having to repay the advance if you lose your lawsuit.

So what are you waiting for? Simply complete the online application or call us toll-free – (844) 213-1116. It is simple, easy, and fast!