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What is Post Settlement Funding?

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Post Settlement Funding: An Overview

This type of funding refers to receiving cash against an awarded lawsuit settlement. Cases typically will be for personal injury or car accidents. If you are waiting for your settlement money and have bills to pay, your settlement award is spread out over a number of years, a  company like Fast Cash Legal can give you the ability to access your settlement funds immediately. The benefit of this is that you don’t have to wait for your settlement money to trickle in. Rather, you can access more of it at once. You may wonder why this would be necessary, or who would want to do this? To find out if this option is right for you, read on for more post settlement funding, explained.

Why Choose Post Settlement Funding?

If you know you won your personal injury case and you have been awarded a settlement, why wouldn’t you just wait to get your money vs. going to a third party to pay you? It may surprise many people, but typically there is no set time in which funds from a settlement agreement must be paid. It could take months, or even years to receive everything you are owed. In many personal injury cases, there are lots of bills that start to pile up, so large amounts of cash may become sort of a necessity.

This is where companies like Fast Cash Legal come in to provide you with funds for after your settlement is won. They can provide an advancement of the funds that you’ve been awarded, then you slowly pay them back over time. This allows people to pay for things related to their court case that are immediately due, while knowing that they have more funds coming in the future to pay back the advanced money.

Benefits of Post Settlement Funding Explained 

In addition to helping to pay immediate expenses, post settlement funding has more benefits. For example, with Fast Cash Legal, you can receive post settlement funding incredibly quickly. Furthermore, the application process is no risk, no cost. and simple. After all, you’ve already been awarded these funds by a judge. Finally, another benefit of post settlement funding is that you repay the advance when you collect fees from your settlement. This makes it easy to be able to pay back the advance without additional stress.

How Much Does it Cost?

Like many cash advances, there is a premium interest rate on post settlement funding. However, when you think about the alternatives, it can begin to be a smart option. If you are strapped for cash, draining bank accounts and maxing out credit cards is a much riskier financial practice than choosing post settlement funding. Yes, post settlement funding does come with high interest rates, but you trade that for being able to have liquidity in case of unforeseen circumstances. Plus, Fast Cash Legal  has some of the best interest rates in the industry.

Getting Started

If you’ve recently won a personal injury lawsuit settlement, or have one that you know will be awarded soon, consider contacting us to hear more about how post settlement funding can help your situation and get you cash in your hands to get back on your feet.

And remember that you need not worry about how you’re going to pay us back if you end up losing your case… if that happens you will not have to pay us back. Not a single cent.

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How Do I Qualify?

While there are many things that we look at regarding your personal injury lawsuit to see if you qualify for a legal funding, there are 3 main questions we ask about your case:

  • How serious were the injuries you suffered?
  • Does the person who caused the accident have a way to pay for any legal settlement award?
    (the real key is do they have insurance to pay for it)
  • Is the person who you’re claiming caused the accident actually responsible for the accident?
    (kind of an odd question, we understand, but you’d be surprised)

If your case can meet these qualifications, then there is a great chance we can fund you.

Fast Cash Legal does not provide pre-settlement legal funding in the following States: Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, District of Columbia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia.

Fast Cash Legal does NOT fund Workers Compensation cases.

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