Pre-Settlement Legal Funding Cash For Your Worker's Compensation Case

Worker's compensation lawsuits are an unfortunate must when an employer refuses to pay an injured employee. What is worse is during that extended legal battle, the employee can't work and struggles to pay their bills. That is when a pre-settlement legal funding from Fast Cash Legal may make sense.

A legal funding, during a workers comp case, helps with the financial difficulties by providing the cash the person needs even before their legal case is over. Basically, we think you will win your case, so we're willing to give you some of that money now. When you do win your case you pay us back.

If you're in this situation, call us at (844) 213-1116 today. We will review your case and see if we can help. Now, we can't fund worker's comp cases in every state, but in those we can (see note at bottom of the page), there is a good chance we will.

We Take The Risk

We often get asked, "if I take out a loan against my lawsuit and I lose, how can I pay it back?" Well, the good news is that first, a legal funding is not a loan. Second, if you lose your case – you don't pay us back. No, really, it is true. We take the risk. If we approve you for a funding, it means we are confident you will win your lawsuit. Yes, sometimes clients lose. After all, there are no guarantees. But like we said, that's a risk we're willing to take.

To be up front, we don't fund every case, even in states where we can. Worker's Comp cases are complicated and can take time. We know that. Yet, we've funded hundreds of people who are struggling financially, while their case winds through the courts.

We're Not Like The Rest

Are there other legal funding companies who fund worker's compensation cases? Yes. But, we're not like the rest of the competition. For starters, there is no cost to apply with us. Also, many companies tack on additional charges and fees, which can make it very expensive. Here at Fast Cash, we don't charge any additional fees, so we're less expensive. And our customer service is head-and-shoulders above the rest. Plus, we don't check your credit – frankly it doesn't matter if you have any credit. Nor does it matter if you have a bank account or not. We can send you a check in 24 hours once approved.

So, call us at (844) 213-1116. Or you can just as easy start the free application right on this page and be done in just a few minutes. Don't wait another minute.

Specific to workers' compensation cases, like most funding companies, due to individual state legislative laws, we cannot fund Worker's Compensation cases in most States. Those we CAN fund in are:

New Mexico
North Carolina
North Dakota
South Dakota