Reviews of actual clients of Fast Cash Legal's pre-settlement legal funding. We stand with you!


When asked to rate us, those who responded rated our services highly, with and average of 4.80 out of 5.00 Stars!

The best people to speak to about our service are our customers. Below are Reviews of actual clients of Fast Cash Legal's pre-settlement legal funding.

"Thank you for bringing me out of a financial crisis." - Brandie H.

"You have been a blessing to my children and myself. Thank you." - Christopher S.

"Helped me cover my rent and bills. Great fast service." - Marcia L.

"Very satisfied and everyone was extremely helpful. Polite and a pleasure to work with. Michael was awesome and answered all my questions really quick." - Joseph M.

"Thank you for your service." - Yvonne H.

"Excellent service." - Shelly E.

"Great service. Great all around experience." - Ruben F.

"I’m happy with the experience and glad that I was able to get the service I requested." - Rosa J.

"Everything was done professionally and fast and friendly!" - Robin B.

"Very nice an respected thank u very much." - Roberta H.

"Just wanted to say thank you so much again." - Robert O.

"Thank you David for your help." - Quaneisha M.

"It has helped me pay my September rent!" - Nyrika K.

"Great!" - Nadine C.


"Great customer service." - Luz T.

"Thanks, great help!" - Leah T.

"Very friendly fast and easy." - Kristen L.

"Thank you for being easy to talk to." - Kim M.

"This will help me pay a bill that I didn’t have enough money for dude to the car accident." - Felice M.

"Everything was great." - Devonte S.

"Very helpful and informative." - Christopher T.

"Everyone I encountered has been so personable." - Charisse L.

"Everything was perfect." - Carmen H.

"Pleasantly surprised." - Carina S.

"You say fast, and you are fast. It was painless and fast. Thanks to your staff for a good job!" - Gregory J.

"Service was great!" - Gavin T.

"Helpful service... thanks again." - Larry F.

"Very sweet and courteous." - Joetta C.

"Good quick and fast" - Stephaun B.

"Thanks!" - Philip B.

"Fast Cash Legal, helped me when I found myself in a financial hardship. Thank you Bianca and Fast Cash Legal team for all your support." - Marsha W.

"Fast, quick and easy." - Ledora W.

"Fast and great communication" - Bonnie K.

"Thank you for the loan it helped me greatly in catching up with my bills during this unexpected event which set me back financially due to not having access To my vehicle while it was being repaired which I use for work." - Berenice O.

"Service has great communication" (all 5’s) - Chynelle R.

"I really appreciate this although I needed more but this will help pay off current loans thank you. Bianca is the best very knowledgeable and kind." - Sheriece W.

"Everyone I spoke to has been such great help. VERY responsive with msg" - Theresa A.

"Good Job" - Richard D.

"Excellent" - Wanda D.

"I thought you guys were awesome very professional would recommend to anyone" (all 5’s) - Bryan S.

(all 5’s) - Ann M.

"I would use this company again" - Sabrina T.

"Thank you for your timely response" - Laurie W.

"Great service" - Jennifer M.

"When ALL hope seemed lost, Fast Cash gave me and my family a breath of fresh air. The Agents that contacted me expressed genuine concerns and understanding. Thank you." - Fabian M.

"Thank you." - Alfonso D.