How Does Pre-Settlement Legal Funding Work? It's Simple!

In a nutshell, pre-settlement legal funding works like this...

You Apply
Call us at (844) 213-1116 or apply online in minutes.
We Review
We speak with your attorney and get the information we require.
We Evaluate
We evaluate your case details to determine if it qualifies for legal funding.
You Sign
If approved, we send a contract and complete fee schedule for your review.
You Get Funded
You return the agreement and we send funds by wire transfer or check.

You see?! Simple.

How long does it take?

On average, the approval process takes 24 hours, but if we can reach your attorney quickly it can take as little as 1 hour. That's why it's important for you to contact your attorney as soon as you apply to let them know we'll be calling and to give them permission to share your case documents with us.

How much will I get?

Anywhere from 10%-20% of the total estimated value of the case. So for example, if your case is worth $20,000, then we can fund you up to $4,000.

Why Not More? Why not all of it?

The reason we only fund up to 20% of the expected case value is so that when your case does settle you will have to pay the attorney's fees, any medical expenses, and then pay back the legal funding… we want to make sure there is enough for you.