How Much Does Pre-Settlement Legal Funding Cost? A lot less with Fast Cash Legal.

Exactly how much pre-settlement legal funding costs depends on the company you're working with. Each company prices their service a bit differently. Some charge an interest rate, some charge a "multiplier." Many legal funding companies charge fees in addition to the base interest rate or multiplier. BUT, at Fast Cash Legal, we don't charge any additional fees… None, nada, zip, zero! Call us today to apply! (844) 213-1116.

Some legal funding companies don't want to publish their rates and fees. Maybe they're afraid it will scare you away? Here at Fast Cash Legal, we want you to be as informed as possible. We've got nothing to hide.

Some of the fees charged by other funding companies may include; application fees, document preparation fees, servicing fees, cash disbursement fees, underwriting fees, and collections fees, etc. Now, there is nothing inherently wrong with these added fees because many products/services have them; i.e., a mortgage or a car purchase.

However, all of these fees add to the overall cost of the legal funding. So, what you thought was a low base rate is actually more expensive than you thought.

What is important is that you are aware of all of the charges up front, before you sign the funding agreement. It is also important to know if any of these fees are out-of-pocket (you pay them in cash up front), if they decrease the amount of cash you'll actually get (for example, a total funding of $1,000 comes with $200 in fees, but you only get $800), or if they're charged when your case settles.

If you have any additional questions about pricing, call us – (844) 213-1116.