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  1. Call us or Apply online
  2. We speak to your Attorney, he/she will send us supporting documents
  3. We evaluate your case details
  4. If approved, we will send a contract with our fee schedule and terms to both you and your attorney
  5. Once we receive a signed copy of the agreement we will either overnight you the cash via Fedex, ACH deposit, or you can come and pick up the check in person.

How long does it take?
The approval process takes anywhere from 24-48 hours

How much will I get?
Anywhere from 10%-15% of the total estimated value of the case. Minimum of $500 maximum $100,000.

What documents do you need to evaluate the case?
The more documents we have the better. This means we can evaluate your case to the fullest extent, which will mean an easier and faster approval. In the event all the documents are not available, we can still take a look at the case.


Depending on the type of case we would need the following:

Motor Vehicle Accident:

– Police Report

– ER or Initial Medical

– Insurance Information for your Claim


Medical Malpractice

– Copy of Complaint/Answer

– Insurance Information

– Expert Reports and Medical Records

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Premise Liability / Slip and Fall

– Accident or Police Report

–  ER or EMS Report

–  Treatment Records



–  Signed Settlement Documents/ General


Worker’s Compensation

– Lawsuit complaint

– Accident Report

– Insurance Information

– ER Report and Medical Records